Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost? 

It's free!  

What does "beta" mean? 

This means we're still tweaking and fine-tuning the site after launch.  Adding recipes and printing your cookbook definitely works.  We just know there's room for improvement and will continue to add are more features and functionality.  If you want to share feedback with us, send us a message on our Facebook page.

What makes addmyrecipes.com different from the hundreds of other recipe sites?  

Not only can you add and organize your recipes and access them online from your computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone:

  • You immediately have full access to all features...and it's all free
  • No recipes limits.  Add as many recipes as you need.
  • No cookbook printing limits.  Revise and reprint your cookbook as often as you like.
  • Add ingredients both from your desktop and mobile devices with minimal typing.  Rather than having to type in each ingredient (quantity/measure/form/etc), you select your ingredients from a series of drop down menus. 
  • Create and Print your cookbook
  • Collaborate with Family and Friends to share recipes and create a cookbook
  • Keep your recipes private, or share them with only Family and Friends, or share them with everyone


Okay, so why is it free? 

We searched the internet for a site where all our family and friends could add and share recipes and we could print our family cookbook.  It had to be easy to sign up and easy to add recipes (we have a few family members that are "computer-challenged").  And we really wanted it to be free for all our family to use.  So we started this project, and it only made sense to share it with everyone else too.


How many cookbooks can I make? 

You have one cookbook per account/email address, but you can add and remove recipes as often as you like and then print multiple variations.  Or, if you use different email addresses for different social media accounts, then you could create a cookbook under each account.  Just "friend" each of your accounts and you'll have access to all your recipes.


Can I make my recipes private? 

Yes!  When you create a recipe, you have the option of keeping it private, sharing it with everyone or only sharing it with the people in your Family and Friends list.


What is the cost if I want to print my recipes and cookbook? 

Zero, nada, nothing, zip.  You just click the "Print Cookbook" button on the "My Cookbook" page and print your cookbook. 


I've added a recipe but it is longer than the recipe card that I want to print it on.  What are my options?

There are limits on how much text can be squeezed onto the front of a 4x6 recipe card.  You could break the recipe up into two recipes.  For example: create "My Recipe: Part 1" and My Recipe: Part 2".  Or if there are two parts such as an entree and a dipping sauce, break them up into "My Entree" with a tip in the directions to use along with your "My Dipping Sauce" recipe.

I want to make a family cookbook for our grandparent's anniversary with recipes contributed by our parents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  How do I make that happen?

After you've created your own account, invite family members to join and add their own recipes.  Add these folks to your Family and Friends list.  As they add recipes, you can Search the recipes by narrowing the results down to just Family and Friends then add their recipes to your cookbook.

I'm trying to add a recipe, but the list of ingredients isn't showing up or isn't available. 

If you are on a slower internet connection or your computer is low on memory, you may need to refresh the page until the list appears.

An ingredient I need isn't on the list of options.   How can I get that added? 

Just send us a message on our Facebook page and we'll try to get it added as soon as possible. In order to keep the ingredient list manageable, we do focus on having primary ingredients versus prepared foods or specific brands.  But there are exceptions, so just ask!


A recipe created by another member is no longer in my cookbook.  What happened and how do I get it back? 

You may have accidentally removed it from your cookbook or the member decided to make their recipe private.  If you accidentally removed it, just add it again.  If the member made the recipe private, you won't be able to include in your cookbook.


Can I add recipes that were adapted or inspired from another source? 

The best advice on this topic can be found here => http://paleomagazine.com/recipe-copyright/.  It's always good to give credit to the source and never copy/paste.  When in doubt, consult an attorney.


What are my printing options? 

You control how your cookbook is printed by modifying the printing preferences on your printer's settings dialog.  You can change page size, orientation, margins and set headers or footers to add page numbers.   After that, you can choose to print them yourself or have them printed at a printing shop.  Visit the Cookbook Tips article under the FAQ link at the top of pages for more printing information.


Where can I get the fonts used on this site? 

You can download these free fonts directly from Google Fonts. 




Who can I call if I have questions or need support? 

Hmmmm, that's a good question.  Sorry, but because this is a free service, we don't have representatives on standby to take calls.  However, you can swing by our Facebook page and post the question there.  And we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Also, many questions can be answered by watching one of our "how to" videos.