Cookbook Fundraiser – How To Make A Cookbook For Your Church Or School For Free

If you are thinking of creating a fundraiser for your church or school, what better way than to have everyone contribute their recipes toward the cookbook.  A homemade cookbook is not only a useful gift, the memories of all who contributed will be treasured every time the cookbook is used.  Better yet, you are almost guaranteed that everyone that contributed a recipe will also purchase a copy for themselves.

Getting started is really the easy part.  Send an email out to everyone that you would like to ask to share a recipe or two.

Invite Everyone To Submit Recipes

After you create your account on, copy the profile link under the Invite Family and Friend link to invite everyone to join and to connect with you on  Ask them to let you know once  they’ve joined and make sure to also give everyone a deadline for submitting recipes.

Add Recipes To Your Cookbook

Once everyone let’s you know they’ve joined, you can search for them using the link under the My Account tab and click Add to add them to your Friends and Family list.  Once you have added them to your Friends and Family list, you will be able to view the recipes they submit under the Family and Friends’ Recipes link (also located on the My Account menu).  Simply click Add on the recipes you want to include in the cookbook. You can add and remove recipes at any time.

Print Your Cookbook

When you’re ready to print the recipes in your cookbook, click on the My Cookbook link (located on the My Account menu) and select Print.  This will take you to a page that will give you the option to print or download your cookbook, print your table of contents, add supplemental pages, and choose a cookbook binder cover design.

Assemble Your Cookbook

  1. Use a 1″ 3-ring binder that has clear exterior sleeves for inserting your cookbook cover design.
  2. Edit the cookbook cover design to include your cookbook title, print the cookbook cover, then slide the front, back and spine pages into the exterior sleeves of the binder.
  3. Place each page inside a page protector, or use a hole punch on the recipe pages, then add them to the binder.

More Ways To Personalize Your Cookbook

  • Add an introduction page to the cookbook and acknowledge everyone that contributed recipes.
  • Add extra pages with family photos.
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