Tips For Making A Bridal Shower Cookbook

Tips For Making A Bridal Shower Cookbook

A homemade cookbook given as a gift for a bridal shower is a thoughtful gift that will be truly appreciated.  Not only is it a useful gift for the soon-to-be bride and groom, the memories of all who contributed will be treasured every time the cookbook is used.

Decide On Your Cookbook Theme

You may want to make a cookie cookbook, the favorite recipes of those attending the bridal shower, or an heirloom cookbook of treasured family recipes.  Before you invite others to collaborate and share recipes, you will want to decide what type of recipes they should be submitting.  

How Many Recipes Will You Need?

For a cookbook, you will want at least 30-50 recipes.  The more the better.  For example, if you are inviting 10 people to contribute recipes, you will want to ask them to contribute a minimum of 3 recipes each.  Again, the more recipes the better.  If you have less than 25 recipes, you might consider creating a recipe card bundle as a gift instead.  And we have many beautiful recipe card designs to choose from. Tip: Make sure to also give everyone a deadline for submitting recipes.

Invite Everyone To Submit Recipes

Use the Facebook link under the My Account to invite family and friends to connect with you on  You can even include a link directly to your public profile page in an email or on the bridal shower invitation.  Tip: When you hover over your name on the My Account menu, you’ll see the link to your public profile page.

Add Recipes To Your Cookbook

After you approve everyone that requested to connect with you on, you will be able to view the recipes they submit under the Family and Friends’ Recipes link (also located on the My Account menu).  Simply click Add on the recipes you want to include in the cookbook.

Print Your Cookbook

When you’re ready to print the recipes in your cookbook, click on the My Cookbook link (located on the My Account menu) and select Print.  This will take you to a page that will give you the option to print your cookbook, print your table of contents, add supplemental pages, and choose a cookbook binder cover design.

Assemble Your Cookbook

  1. Use a 1″ 3-ring binder that has clear exterior sleeves for inserting your cookbook cover design.  
  2. Edit the cookbook cover design to include your cookbook title, print the cookbook cover, then slide the front, back and spine pages into the exterior sleeves of the binder.
  3. Place each page inside a page protector, or se a hole punch on the recipe pages, then add them to the binder.  

More Ways To Personalize Your Cookbook

  • Add an introduction page to the cookbook and acknowledge everyone that contributed recipes.
  • Add extra pages with photos of the happy couple, or photos of the people that contributed recipes.
  • Include a blank page in the back of the cookbook that the bridal shower attendees can sign, and maybe extra pages so that attendees can leave special notes for the bride.
  • Wrap the cookbook in a large color-coordinated ribbon.
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