Cookbook Tips

Quick Cookbook Basics

  • Recipes are grouped by Course in both the Table of Contents and in the cookbook.
  • The Table of Contents and cookbook pages are not numbered (see below).
  • Pages automatically print in 8.5 X 11 paper size for use in a 3 ring binder.
  • Only Chrome will print cookbook page margins correctly.  If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, you will have to set up printer margins manually using your printer's settings.

Printing Your Cookbook

The option to print your cookbook can be found on the My Cookbook page.  When you click the link, a new window will option that displays links which allow you to print your cookbook, Table of Contents, informational pages, etc.  Click on your browser's Print button to send these pages to your printer.  When the Print dialog opens, you will have the option to change the print settings for your cookbook.  You can modify printed page size, page orientation, margin size, add page numbers, add/remove headers and footers, etc.

How To Add Page Numbers To Cookbook Pages

The cookbook pages are not numbered, intentionally.   Some users may want to add extra pages within their cookbooks, such as family photos, larger recipe images, cooking informational pages, dividers, etc.  Also, most browsers do not yet support page numbers for pages printed from the web.

If you would prefer your cookbook automatically prints with page numbers, you can choose this option from your printer's setting dialog (this varies between printer models).  Click the option to add a footer, then select "page numbers".

If you will be adding additional pages and want to add page numbers later, you will need to follow the instructions in the paragraph below.

How To Add Photos And Digital Scrapbook Elements To Pages

Cookbooks are printed in html format, which means you will need to covert the format of the cookbook pages to .jpg so that you can add images to the individual pages. 

After you click on the "Print Cookbook" link, a new window will open up that shows your recipes.  On this new window, right-click and choose the option "Save Page As".  Then use a free online converter to convert your HTM to JPG.  There are dozens available online, such as Convertio   You can then open each of the converted .jpg images and add your photos and scrapbook elements using your favorite photo editor or edit them online using Pixlr.

In the future, we hope to set things up so that you can edit directly from Word.

Free Cookbook Binder Covers

This is where your "inner designer" can emerge.   If you aren't the creative type, we have a variety of cookbook binder cover templates that you can download and edit.  These are located under the "My Cookbook" link.

Yellow Peppers Cookbook Binder Cover DesignTaupe Cookbook Binder Cover DesignLadybug Cookbook Binder Cover DesignBuffalo Check Cookbook Binder Cover DesignBlossoms Cookbook Binder Cover Design